School Council


We are your William Booth School Council. We were elected by our classmates in October, to represent them and help to make our school even better.

  • Class 3's representative

We have all sorts of responsibilities, including:

  • Working with special visitors to the school
  • Being involved in new programs and initiatives that the school is launching, like Food For Life and Science and Curiosity Day
  • Putting forward our classmates thoughts, ideas and complaints
  • Attending the School Council meetings and sometimes attending bigger meetings like the Primary Parliament and the Executive School Council
  • Helping to make big decisions that affect the pupils

Being on the School Council is great, even if it is hard work sometimes! If you’d like to be involved then make sure you stand for election next school year. And in the meantime, let us know what you think and what you want to see happening in school. Remember, we’re here to make things better for you!


“We want more things to play with at lunch time!!!”

We collected your ideas and then applied to Miss Wilkinson for some funding. We were granted £200 to spend and have purchased equipment for every class to use—hope you’re all enjoying it!

“We want to learn more about food and gardening!!!”

We’ve been working with the teachers to help get things going with Forest Schools and Food For Life. It’s brilliant to see you all outdoors and getting involved!


We’ve counted your votes for the school library theme and the winner was Natural. Now we’re ordering equipment, getting training and getting really excited about lending out our first books!

We recently met with Councillor David Mellen to discuss his plans for the new Sneinton Library. Now we’re going to be getting your thoughts, including your ideas for what it should be called…