The Wider Curriculum

William Booth’s Mindset

At school we have launched something called Minditude. This is about giving children the skills that they will need to be really good learners. What we want is all of our children to have a positive attitude to life and school, so that they can achieve things and be happy when they grow up.

There are four aspects of our Minditude called the 4 GEMS:

Grit is about working hard! This means putting in the hours, sticking at it when the going gets tough, showing the determination and tenacity to see something through.

Effective is about being smart with how you learn. It means using resources, asking questions, using feedback, being able to ask for help when needed and being able to work as a team.

Motivated is about having ambition. It means taking on challenges, having goals and aspirations and having high expectations for yourself.

Switched-on is about being ready to learn. It means listening, not fussing or getting distracted, knowing what you’re supposed to be doing, being focused and alert and being able to follow instructions.


As a parent, how can you help your child develop these skills?

 Believe It     If your child knows that you think these things are important, they will think they are important too.

Role-Model It     Your children look up to you and they will copy you! If they see you demonstrating Minditude, they are far more likely to develop it themselves.

Talk about It     The more you talk about it, the more your child will understand it.  Ask them questions about it and share your own experiences too.

Praise It     Make sure that when your child does something good, they know that you are proud of them and you are impressed, not just by what they have achieved but more importantly with the effort that they have put in.